Aim for quiet sleep with this anti-snoring mask

Person sleeping with a pair of Hüpnos anti-snoring sleep masks.

TL; DR: As of August 30, you can get a two-pack of Hüpnos anti-snoring sleep masks for just $175 instead of $398, a 56% discount.

Snoring can be tiring. Not only does it make it harder for you to get restful sleep, it can keep everyone else in your bedroom awake at night. Unfortunately, frequent snorers can’t do much right now to stop. You’re not sure if it happens when you’re in a deep sleep, but you might be able to deal with the problem before it happens. The Hüpnos is a comfortable sleep mask that can help you control your snoring. And for a limited time, you can purchase a two-pack for $175 (Reg. $398).

Stop your snoring

The Hüpnos anti-snoring sleep mask is deceptively advanced for what looks like a typical sleep mask, although most masks probably don’t have a companion app. It works by helping your airways stay dilated while you sleep. Beneath the soft microfiber face mask is a silicone nose piece that can stop your snoring before it even starts.

However, if you start snoring, the app can detect and record it. Snoring happens more frequently for most if you’re lying on your back, and the sleep mask may actually notice when it’s happening. Once the Hüpnos detects snoring, it sends out a gentle hum and vibration to entice you to roll over. However, the signal should not be strong enough to wake you up.

Perhaps one of the most important features of the Hüpnos is the microfiber construction. With an adjustable back head strap, this comfortable mask shouldn’t keep you from falling asleep, especially if you’re already used to a sleep mask. And it’s totally portable, so you don’t have to start snoring again every time you travel.

Stop snoring and do it in style

Take steps to stop snoring. For a limited time, get a two-pack of Hüpnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Masks for $175 (reg. $398).

Prices subject to change.

Hüpnos anti-snoring sleep masks on a white background.

Hüpnos anti-snoring sleep masks on a white background.

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